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As an independent Catholic school in the Holy Cross tradition, Gilmour Academy is committed to creating a coeducational learning environment supported by faith formation. Students from the Montessori preschool through graduating seniors are active participants in serving the community through a wide variety of optional extracurricular activities as well as the St. Andre Bessette Christian Service Program, which requires 60 hours of service before graduation.

Additionally, juniors spend one semester researching a social justice issue that affects the Greater Cleveland community. Now in its 10th year, the Praxis program requires students to identify a problem that interests them, develop potential means to address it and actively work to solve it in a way that preserves the dignity of all. Gilmour’s service requirements emphasize the principles of both solidarity and subsidiarity, which creates a more lasting impact by directly alleviating a problem as well as empowering those in need to lift themselves up.

Gilmour students work to serve others according to the Catholic Corporal Works of Mercy, which mandate:

  • Feed the hungry.
  • Give drink to the thirsty.
  • Bury the dead.
  • Visit the imprisoned.
  • Clothe the naked.
  • Give shelter to the homeless.
  • Visit the sick.

As an accredited independent Catholic school in Northeast Ohio, Gilmour Academy is unique in its ability to teach the whole child. Students are prepared—not just academically but also personally and spiritually—to discover the person they’re called to be.

Founded in 1946 by the Brothers of Holy Cross, Gilmour empowers students of all faiths to ask tough questions, think critically and grow spiritually. Through religious studies, social service, and an emphasis on leadership, students from 18 months to 18 years emerge with a strong moral compass and sense of purpose, ready to apply their talents to making the world a more just and humane place.


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Isabella Rizo-Patron (23)

St. Br. André Service Program - Class of 2023

Class of 2023 Completed:
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Evie Limberg (25)

St. Br. André Service Program - Class of 2025

Class of 2025
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Aidan Flynn (23)

St. Br. André Service Program - Class of 2023

Class of 2023 Completed:
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Carson Bowden (24)

St. Br. André Service Program - Class of 2024

Class of 2024
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Grace Madden (24)

St. Br. André Service Program - Class of 2024

Class of 2024


Name Path Mentor Advisor Progress
Carson Bowden (24) Class of 2024
Cedric Li (24) Class of 2024
John Paul Loeser (24) Class of 2024
Bryce Beard (25) Class of 2025
Zihao Guo (25) Class of 2025
Evie Limberg (25) Class of 2025
Owen Morgan (25) Class of 2025
Georgii Panasenko (25) Class of 2025
Lucas Grover (22) Class of 2022
Owen Croniser (27) Class of 2027
Grace Madden (24) Class of 2024
Amiya Conwell (24) Class of 2024
Aidan Flynn (23) Class of 2023
Lacie Frech (23) Class of 2023
Isabella Rizo-Patron (23) Class of 2023
Danny Yuhas (27) Class of 2027