Aidan Flynn began work on Gilmour Academy's St. Br. André Service Program

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I volunteered at St. Adalbert's Summer School Program for 13 days for 6 hours each. 78.0 hrs

St. Adalbert School offers summer school for 4 weeks for some of their students.  Because they have limited amount of teachers who come in over the summer, every year Gilmour students volunteer at St. Adalbert tutoring the students in English and Math.  Because of Covid, many of the students were very behind, as in 2020-2021, St. Adalbert closed for the year, and the past year, many St. Adalbert students were still fully online.  Each day, we spent time with students in ages pre K up to 8th grade and worked with them on various skills that they need to become excellent students.  

Are the service hours you completed COMPETENCE HOURS (learning about social justice issues) or COURAGE HOURS (direct or indirect service to others)?


Which Gilmour charism did you best live out through your service experience? Please explain.

I lived out both the competence to see and the courage to act in this experience.  Being around the kids 4 or 5 times a week helped me to realize that not everyone gets equal opportunity in life.  While my parents gave me several resources to learn Math and English since kindergarten, such as reading with me daily and getting me a math book called Summer Solutions each year, a few of the students told me that they didn't even have books at home to read.  Because of this, many of the students were well behind grade level.  This gave me the competence to see that often underprivileged parents aren't able to afford the time and/or money to make sure that their kids succeed to their potential.

I also had the courage to act as I was in person helping the teachers and kids of St. Adalbert.  

Would you try this service experience again? Why or why not?

I will definitely do this service again next year.  I got really close with a lot of the kids I taught, which were the "older kids" (grades 5th through 8th) and kids in the middle grades (2nd-4th).  Every day, I taught them English via packets that Dr. Monitello provided.  While I think I succeeded in improving their comprehension and phonics skills, the most meaningful part of the experience was the connections that I made with each student.  There were around 15 of the kids that came daily, and every morning when we arrived, they were extremely excited to see us.  During their break between Math and English classes, I would play football outside with them.  This made this service feel a lot less like a job and just more fun.  While we definitely could use a bit more help next year, it was nice to be the only helper along with my brother, Liam, somedays as it required us to work together with every kid in these upper grade levels instead of just 1 or 2 kids  I'm writing this the day after the last day, and honestly I'm sad to leave them and wouldn't mind doing a week or 2 more of service.  I hope Gilmour coordinates some service opportunities with the kids during the school year, as I'd love to teach them again, but for next June I will definitely be one of their "teachers." 

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