Hockey Camp Counseling 96.0 hrs

My experience was quite an interesting experience with kids arguing and other counselors having to break it up or just, in general, helping kids. I loved the aspect of teaching kids how to lay the sport I love playing. I think they also enjoy playing it but not as much and with this experience, I think that it made them love hockey way more being able to hang out with friends.

Are the service hours you completed COMPETENCE HOURS (learning about social justice issues) or COURAGE HOURS (direct or indirect service to others)?


Which Gilmour charism did you best live out through your service experience? Please explain.

Inclusiveness. I used inclusiveness because I made sure to the best of my ability to make sure everybody was having a good time and if they looked lonely I went over to them and started a conversation with them. I also tied anyone skates that needed their skates tied which was a lot of kids. I never said no to them unless it was something I had to say not too like them asking if they could swim the pool because they have never seen a pool at a school this was a very fun and interesting experience.

Would you try this service experience again? Why or why not?

Yes, I am planning on going back next summer to help out the kids and Coach Veach. I found this a fun way to meet kids that could possibly be going to our school next year or years later. This was a good way to bond and this helped my deal with kids easier because I had no patience and the kids helped me be more patient with them and even other people.

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Carson Bowden (24) began work on Gilmour Academy's St. Br. André Service Program
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