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Like a vector, your education has both magnitude and direction. At Gilmour, we think your voice, your interests, your passions should be the factors determining how far you go and on what course you travel. The VECTOR program is designed to help you channel your vision and to build knowledge and aptitudes, so you can dive deep and take bold, focused action in an area that attracts your voice and interest.

Whether you want to locate and address social inequities, redesign and invent tools for human progress, or shape the frontiers of biomedical science, a VECTOR puts you in the captain’s chair of your education at Gilmour. So, dive in. Take your vision and make it a reality.

Refer this handbook throughout your time in VECTOR. 

The Engineering & Design cohort is made of students interested in exploring not just technology but the process of creating all types of products.
The purpose of the VECTOR Exploratory Cohort is to help interested students engage in a process of discerning their specific interests and passions as they relate to the five VECTOR Cohorts.

As an accredited independent Catholic school in Northeast Ohio, Gilmour Academy is unique in its ability to teach the whole child. Students are prepared—not just academically but also personally and spiritually—to discover the person they’re called to be.

Founded in 1946 by the Brothers of Holy Cross, Gilmour empowers students of all faiths to ask tough questions, think critically and grow spiritually. Through religious studies, social service, and an emphasis on leadership, students from 18 months to 18 years emerge with a strong moral compass and sense of purpose, ready to apply their talents to making the world a more just and humane place.


Name Path Mentor Advisor Progress
Cedric Li (24) Engineering & Design Mr. Adiletta
Michael Piccirillo (24) Engineering & Design Mr. Adiletta
Dominic Schiciano (22) Engineering & Design Mr. Adiletta
Rain Wilson (24) Business & Entrepreneurship Janet White
Arianna DiMenna (22) Engineering & Design Mr. Adiletta
Bryce Beard (25) Civic Engagement & Law Carmel Fantelli
Nicholas Hayslip (24) Business & Entrepreneurship Janet White