Mr. Adiletta marked Planning Meeting for Juniors as complete.

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Keyboard building - iris rev4 v2 #themiddlelayer 2.0 hrs

After using my first keyboard, I decided to give it a little upgrade. I wasn't happy with how the keyboard looked right out of the box since I was being cheap and didn't want the buy the full set. (I just gathered all the materials I needed to make it functional) However, I had an idea in mind from the start to make it look good. I decided to 3d printing the middle layer of my keyboard (Something that I don't have on my board right now). I decided to download the stl file that had on Github, and use the original middle layer design as a size grid for my own design. I tweaked the original design so that I can add tenting legs (something that will go into the case to make it stand) later if I desire. After doing that, I sent Mr.V the stl file and asked him to print it for me to see if it works. Turned out almost everything is fine but I just have to sand down a little part of the board to make it fit. I was able to explore 3d designing again during this fun little upgrade, and I think this is something that I love and will explore more of in the future.

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Keyboard building - iris rev4 v1 8.0 hrs

After gaining interest in the mechanical keyboard world, I decided to finally build my first custom keyboard with little to no experience. I did some research on the layout of the keyboard, and I laid my eyes on the split ergo layout. After hours of research on youtube and Reddit, I figured that to be able to make a fully functional custom keyboard I would need a case with a PCB along with switches and keycaps. After some shopping on and I was able to collect all my components for the build. I spent hours soldering the leds, millermax sockets (which are little connectors that can make you switch out the keyboard switches if you want out of the keyboard without taking everything apart), and the diodes, resistors, Arduino Pro Micros into the PCB. I also spent some time working on the switches, I lubed and filmed them to make them feel and sound better. After that, I assembled everything together. Once I got the hardware set up for the board, I worked on the software side of things. Since the Arduino doesn't come with the working code for my keyboard, I went online and learned how to flash a program into my keyboard in order to make it work. I also did more research on QMK which is the coding software that is designed to code for keyboard, and I tweaked a keymap layout that I found online and flashed it into my board:) I was able to get everything working first try in this project, due to the huge amount of research I did beforehand so I got everything in control.(Soldering turned out to be really easy, even a 1st grader can probably handle it, although it's quite tedious). This whole entire project took a little over a month including the research time and shipping time etc, but I figured it's worth the effort to learn things that are useful through this project like programming on QMK and soldering. Posted to Glave on

Freshmen meeting

In this meeting, I met with Mr.A and talked about my goals and my interests for my VECTOR. We talked about my interests and how I'm going to practice and fulfill my goals on that interest. Mr.A approved my ideas and now I'm on my way to explore them. I'm going to keep going with my perspective drawing stuff and start on my new blender project. Posted to Glave on

Daniel Adiletta approves Cedric Li's "Planning Meeting for Freshman". Now complete!

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Daniel Adiletta approves Cedric Li's "Planning Meeting for Sophomores". Now complete!

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Met with Mr.A during community block to talk about my plans for Sophomore year.

I talked with Mr. A during mod one on the 25th about my plans for my sophomore year. I filled Mr.A with what I did over my summer break. I told him I studied Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript during my two camps, and now I've decided to major in Computer science. I also said that I want to minor in art as well. Art is something that I adore and want to proceed with in the future. I was then asked about my plans for sophomore year, but I didn't have any at the time since I was busy Adapting to the new year and changing my schedule. I told him I don't have anything in mind, and then he told me that what I can do is look for opportunities, and lectures outside of school related to CS and robotics. Then he talked about the engineering tasks and the capstone project. I've made a quick decision that I want to work on a Jewelry website for my mom for my engineering project. My other decision was that improving glave would probably be my capstone project, and my engineering project will help me prepare for that. That was about it for the meeting. I'll continue to talk to Mr. A about my ideas and move forward in my chosen direction. 

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Cedric Li (24) began work on Gilmour Academy's VECTOR The Engineering & Design cohort is made of students interested in exploring not just technology but the process of creating all types of products.


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