Dominic Schiciano began work on Gilmour Academy's VECTOR The Engineering & Design cohort is made of students interested in exploring not just technology but the process of creating all types of products.

Meeting with Mr. A

I met with Mr. Adiletta and we talked about my plans for Vector. I have taken a lot of Computer Science courses so that covers that area. I have earned a lot of field hours already so I will be able to log those. For my independent project, I would be working on CrusadeAR which is an AR game/website I am working on. My Capstone project will be Support Circle.

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I have taken 3D Game Design, Intro to Web Design, and AP Computer Science.

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Goodyear Shadow Day 8.0 hrs

I spent the day shadowing different people at Goodyear and learning about different applications of Computer Science in the real world. At one time, I scanned RFID tags in Formula One tires. At another time, I was learning about a program they use to calculate how much air would be expelled from an airplane tire if it broke. Overall it was very interesting and I felt like I learned a lot.

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Uhacks 10.0 hrs

I competed in a hackathon at US and won second place with my team. We spent the day making a web app for in-home care of Alzheimer's patients. I programmed in python for the first time. Our project was actually blocked on the wifi for multiple hours until the person who ran the competition unblocked it.

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I went to over the weekend. I had a team with two other sophomores and we made an app to increase internet literacy in students. We called the app Spyware Nightmare. I think I got about an hour and a half of sleep. Besides the terrible judging, it was super fun and I am very glad I went. The best part was watching veggie tales in the middle of the night. We used Source Lair to program our app, a cloud-based IDE. I learned that getting an app to work for the first time (the flaskinni front page) is really annoying. I also learned how to use git commands. This makes me really want to learn more advanced web development. I was perfectly fine sitting there while everyone else was asleep coding and would like to do more of that.

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Byte software competition 6.0 hrs

I participated in the Byte software challenge where we solved problems similar to AP Computer Science free-response questions. We had a round where we worked with our team and then we had a round where they assigned us random teams and we worked with students from other schools.

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