Meeting 1

During this meeting, I talked with Mr. Adiletta about my progress into my Vector, mainly focusing on completing the class requirement and what I will be doing to accomplish that. I noticed that based on my interests, it can be difficult to find courses that work best for me as well as experiences in general. I believe I will be able to overcome this challenge and complete my Vector with success. This meeting was important because I came out of it with some plan for the future of my Vector experience. One pattern in my concentration that is emerging is that with my interest in design that relates more to art, as well as my other interests in the arts, it has been hard to combine the interests together and work to grow both at the same time. To act based off of this meeting, I am going to make sure to continue to make progress and work towards completing my Vector. In order to help overcome my new challenges, I need to meet with my mentor once again and maybe even the Vector coordinator so that I can figure out how to complete my goals and expand my interests. Posted to Glave on

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Zoom with Disney Imagineer David Caranci 1.0 hrs

Somehow, someway, almost in a form of Disney magic, I was able to help schedule and also attended a Zoom with Disney Imagineer David Caranci. He is the Manager of Creative Development and had an amazing journey that got him there. He does a lot of work with the overlay of Disneyland. One example that he shared with us was that he helped to create and design the 60th Anniversary for Disneyland, which I found that to be really exciting. Although I am a huge Disney fan, and possibly even bigger fan of Imagineers, it was also really great to hear him speak about his journey to how he really got into the door. He also gave me and the other students some great advice that I will definitely take with me as I go to college. He also shared a lot of great resources with us. Some of them I have already looked at and was at least familiar with, such as The Imagineering Story on Disney Plus (multiple times). However, some of them I was not and I am now planning to look at them in more detail. After the Zoom was over, I was honored and lucky enough to speak to him personally. It was really awesome to share that I have wanted to be an Imagineer since 5th grade, just like him. While it is my ultimate dream to join the team of Imagineers (who are definitely the best storytellers in the world), there are many other groups and departments within Disney that still create magic for the parks. I am so grateful that Mr. Caranci was able to speak to us and give lots of insight. The whole experience was one of the best things I have ever done in high school and I will carry it with me forever so that I can one day, join in and create the Disney magic.   

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Accelerate 2021 Pitch Competition 10.0 hrs

During this experience, I competed in the Accelerate 2021 pitch competition using my design competition that I am working on creating and starting. I went to a couple different trainings that occured over Zoom once I found out that I was to present my pitch in order to prepare. It was a long process and after doing so I went to record my pitch and then compete to try to win the prize money. It was definitely very different from learning in a classroom because doing a pitch is not something you do in many classes and I was able to present on my idea rather than something already in existence. I was able to use my public speaking and communication skills to gain support for my idea. While I walked away with no money, it was still a very worthwhile experience. Something that I learned about my Vector is that those in the field need to be able to communicate effectively not just through the creation and the idea, but everything. The field of Engineering and Design is way more extensive than I even thought before, and that is so amazing to hear because of my other interests and when considering college majors. If I could do this competition again I would have done more preparation for the pitch to be more memorized and comfortable with what I was saying and work towards making the idea more of a reality as I was doing this. Something about this that I would like to share with the Gilmour community is to encourage people to be more creative and use their big ideas to enter in these competitions. They are excellent opportunities to gain experience with people in the fields who want to support your ideas, whether you win or loose. Posted to Glave on

Planning Meeting(s)

Over the course of the school year, I have met with both of my Vector mentors to help me stay on track in completing all that I needed to do for the Vector program. More specifically, earning and possibly finishing my Vector hours and coming up with some sort of project to do. During a majority of these meetings, I would talk about my progress, receive guidance on my project, which is starting a design competition at Gilmour and beyond called DesignOff. These were my initial expectations going into the meeting, and they were met very well since I have now done quite a few of these. They have been really helpful over the course of the year and will continue to do so even into my senior year. This experience is important because I am able to delve deeper into my interests as I have clarified them into one of four categories - engineering, design, art, and storytelling. I am able to also take action on these interests and complete a project that I am creating, which is just fun. The meetings I have done this year are a bit different because it is more about specific planning rather than a simple check in. Going forward into these meetings I want to make sure that I take notes on everything that is discussed so I can easily remember it and take action. As the project continues to be created and new things need to be addressed, more meetings will need to happen. As of right now, there is nothing I can share with the community, but I cannot wait for these things to begin and the community of Gilmour and beyond to learn of this experience I am creating. Posted to Glave on

Zoom Meeting with Disney Imagineer Brent Strong 1.5 hrs

My initial expectations was that the Imagineer presenting was going to speak about the topic of Storytelling in Design and also his experience as an Imagineer. I also expected that he was going to talk about how he became an Imagineer and part of the design process that Imagineers go through. While he did speak on all of these things, the Zoom surpassed my expectations. I noticed and learned so much during the Zoom, but the biggest thing I noticed was that everything he talked about went back to the very first thing they think about and create when designing a new experience. That thing is called the wish fulfillment, or what the guests want to do on an experience that the Imagineers create. Throughout the presentation, the Imagineer used the Avengers themed land they are currently working on, which he is one of the lead designers of, as his examples. This experience was super important to me because my goal is to become a Disney Imagineer. It was also important because it gave me insight into my career goal. Throughout it, I felt inspired and really happy because I was learning so much about the Imagineers and how they create experiences for people all over the world. Not only that, but it made me want to visit the parks and notice the things he talked about. After this experience, I now want to know more about the Imagineers, their design process, and other things they use to create amazing things. I can apply all that I learned by trying to incorporate their design process into things that I create. I also hope to try to create a project that I can use what I learned to do something amazing. Posted to Glave on

Playbill Ad Design for Little Mermaid Jr. 1.0 hrs

During this experience, I was asked to make a few ads in the playbill for Gesu Catholic School's production of The Little Mermaid Jr. With at least some experience in graphic design due to the elective at Gilmour I was taking at the time, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the designs. I used the requirements I was given that I needed to put into the design and went from there. This was different than an experience in a classroom because I was the one who designed this experience for the most part and was able to design the ads with little limits to my creativity. This expanded my interest in Graphic Design and got me interested in doing these small graphic design things outside of class and school. During this experience, I used my design skills I had learned from Intro to Graphic Design so far and my attention to detail to create the designs. I was really proud of myself after I created them, knowing that they would serve a purpose in the playbill. I would like to do something like this again, but maybe try to make some money off my new skills and do a bigger project involving graphic design. I would maybe want to try to get more people in the community and at Gilmour more interested in graphic design in a variety of ways such as spreading my knowledge of it or starting a club that could partly involve graphic design.

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Mary Poppins Jr. at Mercury Theater 2.0 hrs

During this experience, I observed the lighting designer and one of the production designers of Mercury Theater's production of Mary Poppins Jr. Before the show started, I got to speak with the designer and I learned some things about lighting including some different lighting tricks they used and the types of lights used in their shows. During the show, I watched the light cues and observed what goes on behind the scenes at a show. My role in this experience was to observe and learn some of the basics that go into lighting design. My role was to watch and learn than to actually do and help with the lighting. This experience was important because it helped me gain interest in doing lighting design as well as some basic knowledge about lighting and tech that goes into creating a show. It also helped me gain interest in working tech for shows, both school or elsewhere. After the experience, I realized that my Vector concentration can relate to the artistic areas and fields, and the concentration involves a lot more than what might first come to mind. If I ever do an experience like this again, I want to take a notebook and something to write with to write down my observations and what I learned. I would also like to see if I can actually help with light cues and even help code the lights if I ever do something relating to lighting design again. After this experience, I want to learn more about production design and things that go into creating a show and not just lighting. I want to learn about the various areas that involve designing and putting together a show. Posted to Glave on

Tech Crew/Propmaster for the St. Ignatius Harlequins 10.0 hrs

During this experience, I was on tech crew for the St. Ignatius Harlequins' fall plays. I was the Propmaster, which is the person in charge of all the props for the show. Additionally, I helped to build the set for the show. I learned more directly about what happens backstage for a theatrical production. I've learned a couple interesting things. I learned how to use some power tools, how details in a set and props are really important, and a whole lot more. After learning more about the show, I brought in the props we needed that not only fit well with the set, but also the overall look of the show. This experience was important because doing backstage work is something that I can do now that relates well with my goal of becoming a Disney Imagineer. Quite a few things that the Imagineers do go into creating a show, just in a different way. Like the Imagineers, tech crew is a hidden secret force that creates the magic behind something. I am starting to notice something about my concentration and other interests. People are always saying that they do not really go together and need to stay apart. However, they do come together, even when you do not realize it. Not only that, but when they do, the result is something amazing. After this experience, I want to keep learning more and doing a lot more than just props and their design. I want to take what I learned at Ignatius to Gilmour and use my knowledge to create more amazing things and lead the charge. I hope to have another experience like this again and learn about and create even more behind the scenes magic. Posted to Glave on

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See UA Women in Engineering Camp 10.0 hrs

During the summer before my sophomore year, I attended the University of Akron's Women in Engineering Camp. During this experience, I stayed on the college's campus and learned about the different types of engineering. Everyday I learned about 1 of 5 different types of engineering: biomedical, chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical/computer engineering through a lab and other activities. We also toured different local companies to see different types of engineering in action including Dominion Energy and a construction site. Later in the day we would do fun activities and a research project that related to engineering. Something that I noticed was that engineering was not exactly what I thought it was. I learned that engineering is more about the process of making something or how an item works. I also noticed that in the real world, engineering is everywhere and that it is important to have some sort of technical know-how no matter what field or job you want to go into. This experience was important because I realized that I am not interested in engineering as much as I thought. I am more interested in design, which to me is a combination of technical and artistic know-how. I have noticed a pattern within my concentration that is emerging through this experience. I realized that I gravitate more towards the design of something than the engineering behind it. I have been trying really hard to combine my interests all together for a little bit by now, and I think I am one more step closer to doing so. Moving forward I can address combining my interests together by focusing on design, while sprinkling my other interests within so I can continue to pursue them all. I can share what I have learned with classmates and the community by telling people about this experience and helping others who have similar interests. In the future, I want to learn more about design and do a variety of projects that involve design as well as my other interests and skills. Posted to Glave on

Intro to Graphic Design

During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I took Intro to Graphic Design. My initial expectations for this class was that I was going to learn a few design principles and ideas, use some kind of graphic design software, and create a few projects that would be interesting and fun. My expectations for the course were correct, and a little bit surpassed. I made a variety of projects I am very proud of and learned a lot. One of the things I noticed is that the more practice you have designing, the better you become. I also noticed that every design project is different. Sometimes the media of whatever you design changes your ideas, techniques, style, what looks good and what does not, and many other factors. My design projects for this course were all made using Adobe Illustrator. As I used this more as the class moved forward, I realized that graphic design became easier as I was more familiar with it. Some skills that I used that helped me succeed in this class was my attention to detail, my creativity, and interest in art. With these skills, I was able to create designs that not only looked good, but could be used in the real professional world. This experience helped to clarify my interest in design. Before this class, I had never done any graphic design before. I realized that I enjoy it and that it is now an important part of my interest in design. To help continue and apply this interest I have done a few design projects for activities my sisters have been a part of through their school. I hope to continue to do graphic design projects and maybe even make money off of it. Through this experience my career options have been expanded because I can now do jobs that require experience with graphic design or even act as a bonus skill that would help set me apart from others. Posted to Glave on

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3D Modeling and Fabrication

During the Fall 2019 semester, I took the 3D Modeling and Fabrication course. Overall, my initial expectations were that I would be able to design things using the 3D printers and other machines in the FAB LAB. This class surpassed my expectations and I think I learned a lot about design and in turn, made a lot of cool projects. My favorite project has to been the chair/stool project where I did a Marvel theme. One thing that stood out to me was that whenever I was struggling with something about a design, with hard work and a little help, I was able to accomplish it. I also noticed that even the tinest of details matter when creating something. Additionally, something happened in the class that I did not expect, but it was never a problem and actually pretty cool. I was the only girl, and in my opinion, I showed that I was one of the best in the class.  One interest that emerged from this class was that I enjoy working with the lazer cutter and 3D printers and want to do more with them and that I enjoy building models of things. One skill that I havethat became really handy with this class is my attention to detail. Another skill that I learned was that everything in a design has a purpose, even if it does not look like it. After learning how to use a design software (Autodesk Fusion 360) and the skills that I have learned, I want to apply it by doing design projects outside of school and hopefully start a club relating to design at Gilmour. After this experience, I want to learn more about design and model building. This has definitely been one of my favorite classes at Gilmour and experiences so far. 

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Shadow Experience with Architecture Firm Perspectus 5.0 hrs

I was able to shadow an architect with the firm Perspectus in order to help me decide if architecture is the right path for me to take towards my ultimate goal. I got to see the kind of work they do and mainly just observe and talk with the various architects I met with, many of which were younger. I got a tour of their firm as well. One big thing that they all talked about was how they enjoy that their field combines the technical and the details with the artistic expression, which is something I am looking for and also that architects are always solving various problems. This was different from an experience I would have at school because I was seeing what it is like to work as an architect in the real world. This experience was important because it will help me decide if architecture is a path I want to take and a major I want to study in college. With this experience I think I am starting to really understand what design is and starting to narrow down my paths and get specific. Something I can do to prepare myself for experiences like this in the future is to have something to take notes on my observations and have a few questions going into it. I hope to learn more about architecture and decide if it is for me by doing a virtual camp over the summer with Georgia Tech and actually do it myself. Posted to Glave on

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Georgia Tech Precollege Summer Studio Architecture Camp 10.0 hrs

Over the summer before my Senior year, I attending the Architecture camp at Georgia Tech to learn more about the field of study and decide if I wanted to major in it in college. Going into it, I knew that I would learn the basics and just try to figure out how much interest I have in it. That was really the expectation because it was virtual and I tried to not set the bar as high, so that I could have a better experience in the long run and possibly have a growing interest in all of it as the camp experience moved forward. I noticed that a lot of what we did and the design elements and knowledge was fairly common with other forms of design that I have done before, but more specific to architecture and buildings. While the camp did feel like a class, it was more relaxed and open for a little exploration, especially with the project that we did. This experience as a whole helped me to clarify that I am interested in architecture and is one of the best ways to not only get to where I want to go in life, but it combines many of my interests together. Something that I learned about the concentration of Engineering and Design is that it is so much bigger than more people think and I want more people to hopefully learn of this and consider design in the future because it is so diverse and fun! I would say that my career options have been not only expanded, but defined because I have decided that I am going to study architecture in college. Due to this, I am looking forward to learning more about architecture now, in college, and continue to learn about it and many other things in the future. I cannot wait to share this experience with more people including in the Gilmour community and beyond in any way I can. Posted to Glave on

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