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Last Day 3.0 hrs pending

On this final day, I saw the first of the first grade classes once again, who got to color and finish their projects. I also had a final day of observations for the 6th and 8th grade tech classes. Overall, I enjoyed the experience!

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Day 7 3.0 hrs pending

On this day, the class I saw on the first day returned to color their now lazer cut projects. They turned out to be really cute and I enjoyed watching the project come together. I also continued to sit and observe in the 6th and 8th grade tech class. 

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My Mentor Invitation

Dear Mrs. Clary,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to complete my Senior Project in Gesu’s STREAM Center. I am looking forward to it, especially because of my interests in design and storytelling and my involvement in my school’s VECTOR Program in the Engineering and Design Cohort. 

My goal for this project is to take my interests and knowledge and apply it in a new way as I strive and work to become a Disney Imagineer in the future. With this in mind, I am in the Career Exploration Pathway for my Senior Project. My essential question that guides this project is: “How does storytelling apply to design, and more specifically, STREAM education?”

In order to help answer this question from May 10th - May 20th I would like to do the following:

17 Hours of assisting various grade levels/classes with STREAM projects

1-2 Hours of creating and developing a STREAM project for the 1st and 2nd grades

2 Hours of preparing my presentation/working with Wendy Steinhoff (Vice President of Network Comedy at ABC) over Zoom

In order to fulfill the requirements of the project, I need approval of this plan from you. If you have any questions or would like to make suggestions for adjustments, you can email me at dimennaa@gilmour.org. 

We will be using a website called Glave to administrate this Senior Project. If you are willing to serve as my mentor, look for an email with the subject, Welcome to Glave. Once you click on the link from that email you'll then set a password. After that, you will be taken to a dashboard page where you can accept the invitation to serve as my mentor. As I log time during my project, you'll receive additional emails asking you to validate the time. Please let me know if you run into any problems while using Glave as it was created by one of my teachers, Mr. Adiletta, (adilettad@gilmour.org). 

Additionally, your verification of the hours I complete during the project will be needed once they are all complete. I look forward to working with you this May and I know this experience will be worthwhile.


    Arianna DiMenna, GA Class of 2022

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Day 4 3.0 hrs pending

I introduced the project to the final first grade class and continued my observations on this day. I look forward to next week where I will introduce the project to the final second grade classes and finish the project with some of the classes. 

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Day 3 3.0 hrs pending

At this point I got into the grove of things, especially with the 1st and 2nd grade. I began the project I created with the 2nd of three of the first grade classes. I continued my observations as well.

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Day 2 3.0 hrs

On this day, I continued the observation of the 6th and 8th grade classes, but also introduced the project I created for the first 1st grade class. I was able to take what I learned from the first time I did it and improve, as on the first day I was not sure how it would go.

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First Day 3.0 hrs

I began the project on this day. The majority of my project is based off the story I created for the first and second grade to use to make a project using a lazer cutter. I introduced the project to one of the 2nd grade classes. Additionally, I had my first day of "observation" with the 8th grade technology class along with 6th grade robotics.  

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See below

Title of Project (this should be unique to your topic)


Paragraph description of what you will do during your 40-hour project.

For my Senior project, I will be shadowing and doing work at Gesu's STREAM Center and Learning Commons. While I am not interested in going into the education field, I hope to use my my expertise in design and telling stories through design to help younger students with projects they are working on. I also hope to encourage them to develop a passion for design and gain knowledge that will help me pursue my degree in college (I am looking at the areas of Architecture, Computer Science, Creative Writing, and Communications.) and learn what role design plays in STEM/STEAM education.

In addition to this, I would like to engage with the students and get them interested in design and how it intersects with story. Not only will I be doing a shadowing experience, but I will also be giving back to my previous school community. While I am not entirely sure what that will look like, I hope that I can talk with students, help them work on their project(s), and find a way to share my skills with them.

How does the project connect to the Gilmour mission?

The project has not grown out of a class per say, but it has grown out of my involvement in the VECTOR Program, specifically the Engineering and Design cohort. I am especially interested in design and how it can connect with communication/storytelling, so I thought this project would be a great way for me to explore this interest in a way that I have not yet pursued. 

What led you to propose this project?

I believe that design and telling stories is important to society and has been since the dawn of time. I believe that creating new ideas, designs, and stories makes society a better place for all people. Gilmour's mission at its heart is about creating a world that we want to see. I believe through all the things I have learned about design and storytelling allow me to do that every single day. I know that whatever form my Senior project ends up taking, I will still be doing that. 

Who is the mentor that you will observe? (This person will certify that you have completed the required 40 hours.)

I will either be observing Mrs. Clary, STREAM Coordinator, or Mr. Martinek, Technology Director. Possibly both. 

What is your proposed mentor’s email address?

I will use my Disney connections that I am supplementing with this. This is not the main part of my project as they are on tighter schedules that cannot give me 20 hours during the two week time frame. 

If my connections at Gesu fall through, I would like to design and build a model of an original Disney attraction using the Art Studio and FAB Lab at Gilmour.

Do you have additional questions or concerns for the committee as we review this project? 

I am still waiting confirmation from Gesu. 

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Day 6 3.0 hrs pending

I introduced the project I created for the first and second grade to the last second grade class. Additionally, I continued my observations of the other classes. Some of the projects also began printing on the lazer cutter and were turning out really nice, so I am excited to give them to the kids so they can color them!

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Day 5 3.0 hrs pending

I introduced the project to the first of the last two second grade classes and continued observations of the other tech classes. 

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Arianna DiMenna (22) began work on Gilmour Academy's Senior Project This pathway is for seniors looking to shadow a professional and learn more about a career.


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