Spoke with a Lake Management worker at Roaming Shores 2.0 hrs

Recently with the temperature rising and low water circulation, there has been an increase in Algae Blooms at Lake Roaming Rock which is a man-made lake in Roaming Shores, Ohio. Having a house on roaming shores, I had the chance to speak with some of the Lake Management Team about the cause of these algae blooms and what they are currently doing to treat them; I have also been in contact with the Lake Management Committee. 

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Trash Sorting @ GA 5.0 hrs

This was a very interesting day; we collected all the trash from the upper school of Gilmour and sorted it into different categories, ultimately seeing which items we use most which cannot be recycled. The organization made a final report of the weight of all the items, and I was hoping with this, I could give Gilmour better suggestions of what they can do to reduce the amount of waste they produce each day.

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Visit Solid Waste Facility 5.0 hrs

I visited and toured the Solid Waste Facility (I have many pictures from here), and it was such an eye-opening experience. I got to see where all of our daily trash goes and the process they use (which isn't much of a process) to dispose of it. I also asked many questions about what I was curious about, which you will surely see in my final presentation. 

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Dr. Lunde marked Contract as complete.

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Dr. Lunde approves Amaris Doty's "Contract".

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My Mentor Invitation

Gilmour Academy 

Gates Mills, OH

34001 Cedar Road

Gates Mills, OH 44040

March 1st, 2023

Jeffery Klein

Gilmour Academy

34001 Cedar Road

Gates Mills, State 44040

Dear Mr. Klein,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to complete my Senior Project at Gilmour. I look forward to it, mainly because of my interest in environmental focused-problems.

My goal for this project is to take my interests and knowledge and apply it in a new way as I strive and work to become a more engaged and competent person in the future. With this in mind, I am in the Research Pathway for my Senior Project. My essential question that guides this project is: What can individuals and communities do to reduce their environmental impacts and create a more sustainable future?

To help answer this question from May 8th-May 16th during my experience, I would like to approximate work on the following:

10 hours of assisting the Green Leadership Club in the task of sorting all the trash used in a day at Gilmour

15 hours of shadowing environmentalists, right now I am in contact with Alliance for the great lakes to see what I can do, as well as West Creek Conservancy 

15 hours of doing research on my own about environmental problems within our local community

Please note that I need my mentor to approve of this plan to fulfill my requirements at Gilmour. As my mentor, your verification of my 40-hour log will also be required once the experience has been completed.  If you have questions or would like to make suggestions for adjustments, my email address is dotya@gilmour.org.

We will be using a website called Glave to administer this Senior Project. If you are willing to serve as my mentor, look for an email with the subject, Welcome to Glave. Once you click on the link from that email you'll then set a password. After that, you will be taken to a dashboard page where you can accept the invitation to serve as my mentor. As I log time during my project, you'll receive additional emails asking you to validate the time. Please let me know if you run into any problems while using Glave.

I look forward to working with you this May; I know this experience will be incredibly valuable to my future.


Amaris Doty, GA Class of 2023


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Robert Fowler approves Amaris Doty's "Contract".

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Dr. Lunde approves Amaris Doty's "Service-Learning Proposal". Now complete!

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My Service-Learning Proposal Form

Title of the Project 

Exploration and Environmental Action Plan

Paragraph Description or action plan for the project

To connect with my mentors and arrange time to work with them, to sweet up an adopt-a-beach day, coordinate with the green leadership club at Gilmour for the waste survey they are planning to do, and plan to participate with them.

Name of the organization and mentor (the mentor will certify that you have met the 20 hour requirement) 

Alliance for the Great Lakes (Adopt-a-beach) Jennifer Lumpkin

West Creek Conservancy (Derek Schafer)

Will you be doing any research on the social justice issue connected to the organization prior to the partnership? Explain.  


How does the project connect to the Gilmour mission? 

Competence to see the current needs at Gilmour and much bigger than that on a environmental level.

Has the project grown out of your experience in a class?  If yes, explain.  

Yes, we never really go out in the community to take action on problems like this, we are acting upon the things that we see that are wrong more than just learning.

Are there any additional concerns or questions you have for the committee as we review your project? 


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Amaris Doty (23) began work on Gilmour Academy's Senior Project You will be placed into this Senior Project pathway if your project has a philanthropic focus.


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